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WEATHER MAKERS: Premiere with special guests in Frankfurt

On August 17 at 6 p.m. the whimsical documentary "Weather Makers" by Polish director Stanislaw Mucha will celebrate its German premiere at the "Mal Seh'n Kino" in Frankfurt am Main! Guests in the subsequent film discussion are director Stanislaw Mucha and producer Markus Belde (Zinnober Film). Tickets for the premiere are available online or at the box office.


"Weather Makers" opens in German cinemas on August 18th. The film accompanies three meteorologists at what is probably the loneliest workplace in the world, where they measure the weather without any electronics using the simplest of tools. Unimaginable, as their work also has an influence on our weather forecasts! But how can the three bizarre weathermen live and work in complete isolation? In his new documentary film, Stanislaw Mucha captures the unusual beauty of the Siberian tundra and its inhabitants in large images.

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