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"Vatersland": Cinema release on 10 March 2022

Unique memory cinema: "Vatersland" will be released in cinemas nationwide from 10 March 2022 – just in time for International Women's Day. After her award-winning documentary "In Search of Memory" about Nobel Prize winner Eric Kandel, director Petra Seeger processes her own past as a girl growing up in a male-dominated post-war society in her first feature film – perceptive, feminist and at the same time immensely entertaining and humorous. Unusual: The family photos and 16mm film footage used in the film come from the director's private archive.


Film Content

Filmmaker Marie is in crisis. "Why don't you write a new script?" is her husband's well-intentioned advice. If only it were that simple! When a box full of photos and film footage from her childhood arrives at the door one morning, they lure Marie on an emotional journey back in time to her own past. They are the photos of her father, a passionate photographer. But through his gaze, Marie finds her own reality and once-experienced traumas not depicted: Her mother's early death, her father's excessive demands and his attempts to push her into the role of mother, and her deportation to a Catholic boarding school for girls. A youth marked by rebellion against the mustiness of the post-war years and against a society that expected one thing above all from girls: Smile prettily at the camera, but under no circumstances direct themselves!

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