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"La Clave": Intoxicating German premiere in Munich

»A sweeping portrait of Cuba's music and dance scene with extensive insights and no clichés.« spielfilm.de

What actually makes Cuban music so special? Quite clearly: "More energy than sugar and more hallucination than tobacco!" said music historian and protagonist Dr. Olavo Alén at the German premiere of "La Clave - The Secret of Cuban Music" yesterday evening, September 7, in Munich. The lively music documentary will be released in cinemas nationwide from September 15. 



The almost 200 guests were all convinced of the intoxicating effect of Cuban music after the film: There was laughter, clapping and exuberant swaying along, because the rhythms of the clave let no one sit still. Presenter and speaker in "La Clave" Florian Odendahl, who humorously led through the Q&A with director Kurt Hartel and Dr. Olavo Alén, also ensured a good atmosphere. When asked what drove him from physics to film, Hartel initially answered with a wink: "Everything is physics! Then he told about his fascination for Cuba and his plan to make a film with Cuban musicians and without any clichés. The Cuban Dr. Alén thinks: he has more than succeeded! But not only that: he even considers the documentary as a bridge between German and Cuban culture.

At the end, Hartel revealed to the audience that the making of the film was not always without obstacles and that he almost gave up several times. But thanks to his friends, who encouraged him again and again, and some of whom were sitting in the cinema themselves, "La Clave" is finally on the big screen!


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